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Клоуни &Jesters гаф палубаКлоуни & Jesters гаф палуба
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Клоуни & Jesters гаф палуба

Цена: $49.00
Продава: $37.24

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  • Model: G0951
  • Обемна: 105 грама
  • 0 на склад
  • Доставка: Изчислена в касата

The Clowns and Jesters deck (CAJ deck) comes complete with the gaff deck, and the companion instructional booklet containing several CAJ deck routines.

The CAJ deck is designed to be added to any normal deck of cards. They are red backed bicycle cards, which are commonly available.

Each routine is explained in common language, and leaves out any confusing magic jargon so both the advanced and beginning magician can perform these great effects!

Routines Included:

Reverse Printed Flush Deck
Infinite Zeros
Impossible Bet
Beverly Hills Queen
Cute Kings
3 Card Monte
And Many More...

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