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3 of Diamonds Half Dollar3 of Diamonds Half Dollar
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3 of Diamonds Half Dollar 3 of Diamonds Half Dollar 3 of Diamonds Half Dollar

3 of Diamonds Half Dollar

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It's simple! And simply terrific! Your spectator cuts a deck of cards. The card that is on top of the cut pile is set aside. You place a half dollar into the spectator's hand, and ask him to wave his hand over the chosen card. The card is turned over- it's the 3 of Diamonds. And when he opens his hand- the half dollar has a "3" and a "Diamonds" punched out of it! Yes- the half dollar is a REAL U.S. half dollar coin! And yes, you have to force the 3 of Diamonds card. If you don't know how to force a card, please see the Forcing a Card DVD. You also have to switch the real half dollar for the punched one.

Combination of magic cards and coins.

Appearing Cane Metal
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