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Big Invisible Thread Reel - ITRBig Invisible Thread Reel - ITR
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Big Invisible Thread Reel - ITR Big Invisible Thread Reel - ITR Big Invisible Thread Reel - ITR

Big Invisible Thread Reel - ITR

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Imported American Invisible Thread Reel
This thread reel is wonderfully made, has great craftsmanship, and looks refined like a top-notched product as well. The invisible thread is connected with imported magical wax, and can be attached to any kinds of object.

1. Perfect for all floating magic tricks
We recommend you to use it for money floating, match floating, and other psychic types of performances. It is suitable for stage performances as well as close-up tricks! This prop can also be used for the Hummingbird Card Trick.

2.The Must Have Item
This is a must have item for all floating magic tricks. It is made in the United States, and it is an item of the highest quality.

3.The Best Magical Assistant
It is confident, it is well-crafted, and it is convenient for your daily use. This will be the best magical assistant you will ever have!

The large sized invisible thread reel is stronger and more flexible; it also includes a longer length of thread. The prop itself is about 12cm in dimensions.

Most tricks that work with invisible threads take a slightly longer time to master. (The techniques needed will require delicate hands, but you should be able to learn it in about a week.) 

This prop is useful for beginner magicians looking to elevate their craft. Just carry this reel in your inside pockets as you carry on with your day.

Large Invisible Thread Reel: The thread length is about 3 to 5 meters.

The simplicity of using Micro Invisible Thread Reel – ITR

Printing Machine

Micro Invisible Thread Reel

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