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Bottle Penetration Coin (RMB)Bottle Penetration Coin (RMB)
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Bottle Penetration Coin (RMB) Bottle Penetration Coin (RMB) Bottle Penetration Coin (RMB)

Bottle Penetration Coin (RMB)

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You take an ordinary plastic/Glass drinks bottle and empty the contents. You then ask to borrow a coin from a spectator. Holding the plastic bottle in one hand and the coin in the other you slam the coin into the bottom of the bottle and then...?. Kerpow!!!

 The coin penetrates into the bottle. The coin can be EASILYseen inside. There is no possible way to get it out of the bottle, the coin is too big to be removed from the bottle neck! You can give it to a spectator to examine, or they can keep it for a souvenir. Alternatively you can cut/broken the bottle open to remove the coin!

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