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Cuba A Libre (Manually)Cuba A Libre (Manually)
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Cuba A Libre (Manually) Cuba A Libre (Manually) Cuba A Libre (Manually) Cuba A Libre (Manually) Cuba A Libre (Manually) Cuba A Libre (Manually)

Cuba A Libre (Manually)

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A classic act in a new modern and beautiful design. There are 6 numbered blocks in two different piles. You can show each block separated and you can also show the tube empty. One pile is covered and the other is rearranged in another number sequence. When the tube is taken away both piles are arranged in the same way - the spectators choice! The first stack of blocks are rearranged several times including turning some of them backwards and upside down. In each case, the second stack matches, and it's a mind blower to the audience no matter what age they are and how much magic they have seen in their lifetime. Even other magicians are without a clue if you don't tell them the secret. This is a fantastic trick, very amusing and entertaining. Sure success on stage.
This trick is the reason people want to see a magic show

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