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David Copperfield floating rose Flash Paper To Rose

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Have seen the performances of David Copperfield floating rose? Results stunning! Very popular with viewers. Stage performance or whether it is absolutely first class close-bubble Oh MM.Performers will be bunched up into a small piece of white paper group, care in the hands of a small ball of paper suddenly to life again in the hands of the performers constantly beating, beating even the hands in the audience!

You can also along the arms up and down crawling.The ball of paper to open the performers, the audience see, really just an ordinary white, and not connected to any of the above things.It is not too surprising, performers and then curled up and then this white beam, it looks a lot like a white rose.Performers make the roses automatically set in the hand, and slowly float in the air, stopped at the performer's chest!

Performers lighter then it lit the fire under flash, this white rose turned into a "real roses!" Give it to the audience as souvenirs, the end of this magical show.The package includes a teaching, super fire a piece of paper, cloth simulation Rose, Rose, a (do practice with real alternative to performing on stage can really Rose), a bag of hidden lines, magic wax box!

David Copperfield floating rose Flash Paper To Rose

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