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Dlite BagDlite Bag
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Dlite Bag Dlite Bag Dlite Bag Dlite Bag

Dlite Bag

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  • Volumetric: 200 Grams
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The magician takes out an empty paper bag, holding it up with one hand, with the other hand being empty. Suddenly, the performer “grabs” into the thin air. When he “catches” a ball of fiery red light energy, he places it into the paper bag slowly and dramatically.

Visual effect: The ball of light gradually slides into the paper bag, gathering together at the bottom of the bag.

This process can be repeated for a total of 10 times, until you have 10 orbs of light in the bag. And when the performer lightly blows and puffs at the bag, just like receiving an order, all the red lights extinguishes immediately. The theatrical effect to this trick is strong, and its suitable even for stage sets.

The bag-o-lites is an extremely unique performance.

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