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Flash Paper & Cotton

With Flash Paper you can produce flames from your finger tips. Flash Paper ignites into a brilliant flame when touched by a lighter or match. Can be used for dozens of effects.For use by professionals at their own risk. Buyer must be 18+ Our website.

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New Products - Flash Paper & Cotton

Flash cotton (500g) DRY
Flash cotton (500g) DRY
List Price:$168.00
Sale: $102.48
As low as: $90.72
Flash Paper (25*20)
Flash Paper (25*20)
List Price:$1.05
Sale: $0.64
As low as: $0.30
Flash Paper (50*20)
Flash Paper (50*20)
List Price:$1.80
Sale: $1.10
As low as: $0.65
Red Flash Paper (50*20)
Red Flash Paper (50*20)
List Price:$2.50
Sale: $1.53
As low as: $0.88

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