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Free Will - magic trick mentalismFree Will - magic trick mentalism
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Free Will - magic trick mentalism Free Will - magic trick mentalism Free Will - magic trick mentalism

Free Will - magic trick mentalism

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We all want to believe that we are in control. We want to believe that our decisions are our own. But, maybe those are just beliefs!
Remove a small piece of paper from a cloth bag and hand the bag to a spectator.
Explain that you'd like her help in an experiment involving free will.
The spectator removes three wooden disks from inside the bag. Each disk has a simple geometric shape on one side. She mixes the disks and then places them face down on the table.
Now, the spectator chooses one disk for herself, one for you and one to be put back in the bag. The choices are entirely up to the spectator, and she can change her mind before committing to the selections.
You now ask, "Did you feel every choice you made was of your own free will?"
The spectator responds, "Yes."
She now opens the piece of paper which has been on display since the beginning of the effect, before any choices were made.
Written on the paper with complete accuracy is the location of each of the symbols!
An unnerving reminder that the choices we make are not always our own!
No switches. No sleight of hand. Diabolically clever. Insanely easy to do. Everything may be examined.

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