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Ghost Move card

Ghost Move cardGhost Move card
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Since I'm guessing that im the first one to get this... I'll give the review... if I'm not.. oh well.

I bought this on a gamble to see if it would be what I needed. It was.

I'm not going to give some elaborate review about it though... i'll just tell you what you need to know... and can't find on this page.

This is a Traditional Hold Out. It operates by a spring sensitive mechanism that activates when you breathe in. The belt is placed above the waist, in an area that will expand and retract with your breathing.
When you breathe in ... it activates the Jacobs Ladder Extension... and brings the clip to your wrist (Or palm - depending on where you position that arm unit)
When you exhale... the Extension retracts - bringing the item (Or empty clip) back into the sleeve.

This item comes with no instructions, and crappy packaging... (I'm guessing it looked better when they sent it....Customs lol...) But the device itself is pretty sturdy....

The construction of it... and the mechanics are pretty neat...

The device functions perfectly... smoothly and silent...

If you need more info on it... or have questions about it... feel free to send me and email...

Overall I would definelty buy another one of these... I probably will.
Date Added: 07/30/2013 by Steven See
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