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Ghost QueenGhost Queen
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Ghost Queen Ghost Queen Ghost Queen Ghost Queen Ghost Queen Ghost Queen Ghost Queen Ghost Queen

Ghost Queen

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As we all know, a poker there are four queens, spades Q, hearts Q, Plum Q, square piece Q. Everyone on the Queen's views are not the same, some people like blooming hearts Q, but others may prefer a dignified and noble spades Q, or plum or square piece Q. In the magician's magic, the thoughts of your heart will be nowhere to hide. Whether you like what color the Queen, the magician can be sensed in advance.

The hands of the magician four poker audience in Q four color as selected a next magician poker expand, just an open poker is the color of choice of the audience. Even more amazing was playing cards over and actually not the same with the other three on the back color. The amazing prophecy poker magic, if the audience doubt that you are prepared in advance, you can also play with him, until he convinced so far.

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