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Invisible Thread (Single Strong)Invisible Thread (Single Strong)
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Invisible Thread (Single Strong) Invisible Thread (Single Strong) Invisible Thread (Single Strong) Invisible Thread (Single Strong)

Invisible Thread (Single Strong)

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This product is extremely elastic, strong and flexible, and its surface does not reflect light at all. It can be used for all types of floating magic, and can be reused for many times.

Although the invisible thread is fine in diameter, it is strong, and can even lift a large magnetic ring easily. As those who have performed magnetic ring tricks would know, those rings are heavy - best proof of the strength and tenacity of the thread.

The ‘invisible thread’ is of course not literally invisible. It is designed to be extremely thin and fine, such that audiences one meter away will not be able to spot it at all.

With this product, you can indulge in performing all the floating magic routines you want. 

Self-retracting invisible thread (Black Colour)

A high-quality sturdy invisible thread; as this thread is especially fine, it is the best option for floating tricks. This product is strong yet flexible and does not reflect light, making it perfect for all mythical type of illusions. It is good for repeated uses.

Highly elastic invisible thread

This elastic invisible thread is extremely flexible and thin, it would be impossible to spot with the untrained naked eye. It can stretch up to one time of its original length, and becomes even thinner upon being stretched. It is also very firm, making it suitable for stage performances. 

Imported invisible thread.

For use of professional magicians; black, extremely fine, and highly elastic as well. It can stretch very well, and can be used for over 20 times even for tricks such as the floating rose and hummingbird card trick.

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