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Magic Pan Mini Chick Pan by Morrissey Magic

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  • Model: G1549
  • Volumetric: 850 Grams
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At Morrissey's they call this little cutie pie, the Baby Chick Pan. 

The load you produce is the size of the pan. Manufactured in aluminum, with Morrissey's Satin Finish. Rests on three-rubber ball like supports. Lightweight but sturdy. Quick action release. 

Just one of the possible effects: The magician shows the pan empty and then breaks an egg into the pan, adds salt, pepper and vinegar. A match is dropped into the pan and it immediately bursts into flames. The cover is placed in position to put out the flame and when it's removed the pan contains, what every your imagination can come up with. 

Dimensions Approximately: 11.5 CM x 7CM

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