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Learn to reveal someone's PIN number just by looking into their eyes....

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wanted to discover the secrets of top mind reading professionals?

If you've ever tried, you'll already know that it's hard information to come by. It's a closed club, with seemingly locked doors that can only be opened with a lifetime of begging or a lot of $$$. Thankfully all that is about to change...

So if you're looking to impress your friends, the opposite sex, work colleages or you're just a little curious, read on to discover the secrets...
I proudly present:

'Mind Reading Exposed'
Now in it's 2nd edition, over 2 years in the making, and drawing on the knowledge of over $2000 worth of magic and psychology books it perfectly explains the world's most amazing psychological illusions.

Discover what mindreading magicians don't want you to know!

Picture this... You're at a party this weekend, you sit 3 of your friends down and ask the 1st to think of an object, the 2nd to think of a shape, and the 3rd to think of a name. You monitor the movements in their face, and their secret tell tale body language signals for a few seconds before correctly revealing the three things they were visualising.

No Cards, no paper, no props, no gadgets, nothing...
Just you and them!

In just a few minutes from now you will be performing the above trick (and a load of others), amazing your friends and becoming a legend in your own social circle.

So where did this information come from?

Mentalists (people who create the illusion of mindreading or psychic ability) occupy a bizarre fringe between magic and psychology. There is very little published material explaining the secrets - with many of the top performers preferring to keep their techniques private or publish them only to a select few of their peers.

Over several years, I've spent in excess of £1000 on mentalism books and discussed the principles with 10's of likeminded performers. Together with my own analysis, I've pieced together a handful of effects that are truly amazing, some of which you are likely to have seen on TV. The hard work has all been done for you!

Mind Reading Exposed includes:

 Invisible Touch:
I’ve had a lot of fun in the clubs with this. Imagine walking up to a beautiful woman and causing her to feel a touch on her hand, even if you’re stood a distance away. Even better, her best friend and everyone else in the room will agree, you weren't anywhere near her at the time. Based on the same principle as Psychokinetic Touches by Banachek, Derren Brown performed a variation of this on his Mind Control show.

 Divine a Memory:
This is spooky, real psychology (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) at play here. You ask someone to recall 3 memories - you then ask them to focus on just one of them, visualize it hard in their mind. A few seconds later you're able to divine exactly which memory they were thinking of. With a little practice, once you know how - it's easy!

 PIN Number Revelation:
This freaks people out! Imagine if someone walked up to you and was able to reveal your PIN number for your bank account - that’s exactly what you can do in this effect. Just by looking at a person's eyes you write a prediction of their PIN number. What’s written on the paper matches their PIN. This method can be used to reveal surnames, names of pets & more.

 Who Touched It?:
An object, for example an ash tray, is placed in the center of a table. You turn your back (so you can’t see) and ask someone at the table to touch the ashtray. You turn back to the table and by looking at the eyes/body language of the people sat there, you are able to tell who touched the tray. This my favorite effect to perform when I’m out - people simply find it astounding!

 Big Book - Divine The Sentence:
A true classic of mentalism! A spectator randomly selects a single book from a stack, then randomly selects a page of the chosen book. You ask them to concentrate on the first word on the page, or even the first sentence. You then reveal to them the sentence they are looking at! This can an be repeated with any book (including phone books/dictionaries pages) at any time!

 Which Hand Is It In?:
Since first publishing, this has been the most requested effect - so here it is at last! A spectator takes a coin, puts it behind their back, and then brings their fists back to the front. You are able to tell which hand the coin is hidden in. The best psychological techniques for achieving this are discussed plus the extra gimmicks some mentalists use in their performances!

 Human Calendar:
This is a great trick - use it to convince people that you have an incredible brain, that you're psychic or just that you have great body reading skills. Ask someone to pick a date from any time in the future or past - you can instantly tell them which day of the week it falls on. Spooky - but ingenious!

 Telephone Mentalism:
You ask ANYBODY to think of ANY of the 52 playing cards. You then phone a “psychic friend” and pass them the telephone. Your “psychic friend” then names their chosen card immediately. This can be done with any phone - no secret sending of sms messages. I’ve performed this effect in numerous bars and all over university campus - Works 100% of the time.

 Triple Thoughts:
You sit 3 of your friends down and ask the 1st to think of an object, the 2nd to think of a shape, and the 3rd to think of a name. You monitor the movements in their face, and their body language for a few seconds before correctly revealing the three things they were visualising.
 Human Lie Detector:

Imagine being able to spot a lie the moment it is told - every time! Using the subconcious signals the body gives off when a lie is told, such as face movements, body language and voice tone - you'll be able to pick the lie from a series of questions without fail. People will think twice before telling you a half truth in future!

This isn't a low quality "secrets" book that just reveals the techniques. The secret is only 1/2 the effect. The extra info I provide will mean you never come across as just a 'guy doing tricks', your performances will become more convincing, more believable and work 100% of the time.

    The book is a lengthy, comprehensive manuscript but written with the beginner in mind - nothing is assumed, everything is clearly explained.

    You will receive an expertly produced book with illustrations where necessary - fully explaining each effect. You get the 'Effect' the 'Basic Secret' a 'Full Methodology' (complete with script) as well as some 'Closing Notes'.

    All the effects can be performed easily with no props at all or readily available household objects such as a pencil/paper.

    Included are the locations of the major underground mentalism forums and discussion groups. Many of these are secret groups which don't openly advertise for members nor appear in search engines.

So what is all this information worth?

I've spent over £1000 on various mindreading, psychology and magic books over the last few years in my quest for the ultimate mind reading effects. (That's nearly $2000 by the way.) Just finding some of those books was hard work, never mind the buying!

Add to that the time I've taken reading and digesting the information and then presenting it here in plain easy to understand english and you'll realise that the true value is not in the $100s but in the $1000s.

I've also weeded out the junk! Just with everything, there is such a thing in magic as rubbish tricks. What you're getting here is top notch material used by the top mentalist professionals. All of these effects are designed for actually performing in real life. Notice with most other ebooks, people explain effects that need TV cameras, editing rooms or expensive equipment - what use is that? Nothing special is required for ANY of the tricks explained in this book!

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