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Mojoe Juice VanishingMojoe Juice Vanishing
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Mojoe Juice Vanishing Mojoe Juice Vanishing Mojoe Juice Vanishing Mojoe Juice Vanishing Mojoe Juice Vanishing

Mojoe Juice Vanishing

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You're in a coffee shop, relaxing with friends and sipping your favorite cup of joe. You're waiting until the moment is just right for some...

MOJOE! "Watch," you say as you hold the coffee cup between your hands. Suddenly you turn it upside down and then crush it!

Total shock and fear ensue as everyone tries to escape the eruption of hot liquid. Moments later, in a stunned condition, they realize that the coffee has completely disappeared and that they have been very, very badly fooled!

With MOJOE you can make coffee vanish or even change into something else, like coffee beans! It works with paper cups (like Starbucks® coffee cups) and also ceramic cups. MOJOE also works with different drinks like Coke®, milk, etc.

MOJOE sets up in seconds and the durable gimmick lasts for years! You will receive the revolutionary MOJOE gimmick along with a DVD video teaching John Kennedy's favorite vanishes and changes.
Mojoe Juice Vanishing

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