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News; 11.11 Festival with 11% discount

Published: Saturday 07 November, 2015

11 e-shopping festival, the largest one-day online sale in the world.

International Results: KINGMAGIC

• KINGMAGIC processed more than 1476 paid orders during the sale.

• The first order was placed by a buyer in Brazil on Nov. 11 at 00:00:01 PST (KINGMAGIC started 11.11 later than the main sale, which began on Nov. 11 at 00:00:01 China time).

• USA consumers placed the most orders.

• Orders came in from all corners of the world, including Greenland (most northern country) Chile (most southern country), Seychelles, Barbados, and even one of the smallest country in the world, San Marino.

• The top 11 buyer countries ranked by GMV for KINGMAGIC were:

1. U.S.

2. U.K.

3. Israel

4. Spain

5. Italy

6. Russia

7. Canada

8. Ukraine

9. France

10. Czech Republic

11. Brazil

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