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Nail Bending Under ControlNail Bending Under Control
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Nail Bending Under Control Nail Bending Under Control Nail Bending Under Control

Nail Bending Under Control

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Use your sheer mind power to bend a metallic nail! This is a unique metal bending magic trick. You can almost not find another trick on the market that is so simple, straightforward, and crowd-pleasing as the Mind Control Nail Bender.

The magician picks up a nail from his table for the audience to inspect. After they verify that the nail is a usual and normal object, the magician places the nail on his palm, and focus on bending the nail with just his mind. He tells the audience that he is generating heat with the nails’ friction, and at the point, the nail is already bent. The magician continues to focus his mind power, till the nail is bent to an almost 70 degree angle. All this happens right before the audience’s watchful eyes, they will be absolutely stunned.

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