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Card magic one of the most famous and popular forms of magic is known to have dated back to about the middle of the fourteenth century as far as anyone knows. There was never a solid date recorded. They are highly liked and have different difficulty levels from beginner to pros.

Card magic is a branch of magic that pertains to creating magical tricks with a deck of cards. Card magic is common in magical performances, especially in close up magic, parlor magic and street magic. Before Houdini was discovered in his ability for his escape tricks, he had considered himself to be the King of Cards.

Now there are hundreds of card tricks, and can range from professional use to tricks as simple as young kids being able to accomplish. There are also tricks that are played with regular decks of cards, and you also have your trick decks as well. Trick decks are popular among the younger generations and inexperienced magic performers. Trick decks are setup cards to help with the illusion of the card trick. Whereas regular playing cards must have a more experienced hand in the magic industry.

Card marking is a method used to help the magician to identify his or her trick cards. It is a method of altering the cards so that only the magician at hand knows about it. No one else would be able to distinguish the trick. More recently technology has come up with a new and better more deceiving way of marking cards known as shade techniques. This allows for the cards more of a deception especially because most people would not know what to look for. There are several different ways for magicians to mark cards. Some require special glasses or contacts to be able to see the marks on the cards. It also depends on the way they are marked as too, as to who can spot the marked cards.

However some magicians tend to prefer marking their own cards. This is especially true for professional magicians, because they can mark their own cards and are quick enough to hide or not let their marked cards be spotted. Magic with cards can be complicated or easy it depends on the difficulty of the trick and experience of the person performing the card trick. Whichever, there are books guides and sources to help you along your way if your just starting out.

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