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Dlite Bag for Innovation in Magic Tricks Performance

by ping jin | post a comment

The availability of Dlite bag for magical tricks performance has taken a new turn into the life of people who want to go ahead with their performance. It is an innovative trick and is not seen normally in the performances of magicians before audience. 
With the progress in scientific gear, technology and chemicals, it is becoming easier for people to go for performances that really matter for their viewers. The Dlite bag is one of those reliable performances that can impress people to a great deal. The method of performing this trick is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. You only have to place an order for the products at the company website and make a payment at the checkout time in the securest possible way. The company will, then, send your shipment according to the order within the promised time.

The use of Dlite bag can bring a real-time success for you in gaining a repute of a creative magician. Once you have shown this trick to your audience, they can not help praising and applauding you. Be bold enough to have it now and enjoy having a good repute in this regard.

The list price of Dlite bag is $17.50 but the company website sells it now at the sale price of just $12.95. This price can further be lowered to $9.45 if you order for more than 12 pieces of the product in a row. It is now up to you to avail this opportunity of receiving the product at the minimal rate. Moreover, you get additional 26 reward points for having it through the placement of an online order.

The Dlite bag model G0824 has volumetric mass of 180 grams. The shipping charges vary from country to country and they will be calculated at the time of check-out. The new prices will remain valid until the stocks prevail.
The method of performing the Dlite bag trick is pretty straightforward. The magician shows an empty paper bag to his audience by holding it in one of his hands. He, then, grabs something from the air and “catches” a fiery ball of red color in his hand. He puts this ball in the paper bag in slow mode. The ball moves slowly to reach the bottom of the paper bag.
The fiery ball catching process can be repeated for 10 times. Later on, when the magician puffs at the paper bag to give some kind of order to the balls, the lights immediately extinguish and the audience is left with loud applause for you. 

This is a highly impressive trick and it is not commonly performed by magicians. You may have it to make your performance effective and to give a strong message to the audience that you are one of the best performers of the world. In addition to it, the performance also shows that you are aware of the use of the topnotch technology to make your magical performance better through this Dlite bag.

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