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Elaborate magic three fields

by ping jin | post a comment

2012 magic tricks show in addition to have different effects and performance forms are divided into three major areas, these three areas are detailed below. And I want to teach you some simple magic show, I hope everyone likes.
According to the area can be divided:
(1) Card Magic
(Card Magic): Card Magic with playing cards (Poker) performed card tricks, often there are thousands of. Usually the magician loves to use most is Bicycle playing cards.
A deck of cards started to let the audience can take any one. On the first, shuffling. Your Small thumb put on this card. You can easily wash to the last one. Ask the audience his lucky number is a number.
(2) Coin Magic
(Coin Magic) using coins show, the magician usually love to use $five dimes (Half Dollar) show.
Put the coin in a, then held by the right hand, to the left elbow BRUSH ~ and then hands open, coin vanish. Right hand and then extends to the audience the hair, you can come out.
Practice: on the left and the right hand holds the coin separated, with his left hand coin naturally placed in his hand behind! Remember!! To be quick! Naturally, as long as the number of exercises!
(3) Mind magic
(Mentalist): read, perspective, prophecy and power (E.S.P) class of magic.
Pick5, cannot be the same, is not the number of consecutive. Then recommend: KJ753, 90JQK (not recommended: 0represents10), don’t have K. 5 cards on the table. Have a look the following amazing magic tricks example. If the5 card is KJ753
A is J B is the magician. Below is their action.
A: let the other party to a card.
Think of 77 of spades
Let them start from him to digital + + 1number1120 each other every number J him every time.
The heart in the sort to: KJ75320one by one minus numbers, each get node reordering wok.
7, 9,13,15,17
So, no matter how little a, B or don’t know what he wants what to. A random point6, seventh Zhang Dian is K well (7+13 = 20), and then at point a, point to J. That is ninth points (13-2+9J), then 10, 11,12random points, 13points 7(13+7-20) and so on.
The three fields is the three different tools olympics 2012 london .

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