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expounding on micro psychic by kreis

by wu yiua | post a comment

Imagine if you could have a self unwinding bolt and nut. This is a very popular tool for street magicians including Dynamo, who performed the trick on his TV series. Micro psychic has been hailed by top and great magicians of our time who include Charlie Frye, Gaetan Bloom and Michael Weber just but to name a few. It should be noted however that this tool doesn’t require one to come from a long lineage of magicians or read several sorcery books to perform the trick as the bolt and nut are electric devices that empowers  you with the ability to control the nut without really unscrewing it physically.

The BLackpool magician’s convection of 2012 saw the premier of micro psychic which became an instant hit. Micro psychic tries to replicate a branch or form of psycho-kinesis which is basically an alleged psychic ability which grants the person having it, the ability to influence a physical object without having physical interaction with it. The best examples of this form of magic are levitation and teleportation. Micro psychic, which includes a process whereby, a potential spectator is asked to screw a nut directly onto a bolt but he should only take it halfway through and then hold it at the fingertips. The audience has to see the empty hands and sleeves rolled up if possible as this is the basis for the portrayal of psychic ability. At the end other side, the nut will start to unwind by rotating off the bolt and finally fall off. To the audience, it’s like an unseen person is unscrewing it. This trick is said to work on either a handkerchief or a cup.

The magic tool comes with specific features. It comes with a battery, which are easily replaceable. The device doesn’t need you to wear long sleeves as no switches are required to control the trick. The best feature revolves around the fact that the electronic device is placed inside the nut and bolt, which means the audience, can examine the tool before and after the performance. With the ability to repeat the tricked several times and a six month warranty by the manufacturer, this tool belongs in an absolute- must- have-magician- list. 

Back to micro psychic, this tool is considered one of the best close up magic trick of today’s world. But that doesn’t guarantee it from criticism. Most of its users complain of its fastness to spin off the bolt hence making it less believable to some members of the audience. It is just way too fast. Another thing is, the users or rather the magicians are concerned on how safe they are from the accidental start off of the unscrewing by the potential spectator. All in all, the art of controlling metal in a psychic way is the in thing in today’s magic world and thus this device is highly recommended as best for winding nut and bolt tricks compared to Ultracinese by Leonardo Milanesi which was a big flop due to its loud noise, bulkiness, and poor descriptions on its demo.

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