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Finding the Best Magic Tricks

by ping jin | post a comment

Whether starting out with magic as a hobby, just wanting a few magic tricks to perform for friends, or experts needing a trusted source of wholesale magic online shopping is an ideal alternative to searching for local shops. As more and more local shops are either closing, or moving to online alternatives finding out what's available through Internet shopping can place the props, DVDs, and  specific specialty magic you need in your hands faster with less hassle. 

Hassles are nothing new for those who enjoy specialty magic. In America and the U.K., if your interest is in Chinese items you often find a wait or problems with quality. Items created or manufactured in China magic coins, canes, or silk magic are often hard to find in some places, even large cities. When ordering props or equipment from those who export China magic instruction, balls, or wands effects these orders can be filled faster via trusted sites such as  

Those new to magic also find that instruction is usually very limited in shops, and would like more options in DVDs and books. Books and DVDs sitting on shelves take up space in a small shop taking up places where more expensive items could be displayed, but online wholesale magic sites don't have space issues. You can find detailed and hard to find instructions on not only magic tricks, but how to practice and present slight of hand, or detailed illusions from the magicians who have experience in producing them. 

Electric magic props, magic tricks, and illusions are also difficult to find anywhere, except on websites dedicated to wholesale magic sales where you seldom see the “sold out” sticker anywhere.  For many the gimmicks that many smaller shops or retailers need to bring in less advanced customers takes away from the larger scale, or more intricate electric magic gear. 

Another favorite specialty for illusionists is close-up magic. Most such illusions have various technical pieces and the patter for each is practically written for the magician in the device's own makeup, design and use. Looking for close up magic tricks which go beyond the well known gimmick is complicated by the fact local shops will be offering the same devices to everyone else interested in an illusion to perform in the same given area. Wholesale magic on the other hand offers more variety and the chance to offer something new an audience hasn't seen performed yet. 

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