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Flash paper magic

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Abright flame ignites, and goes off after the light. It distinguishes without a trace, lights up without smoke, and does not leave any ashes after burning. If the paper is wet and soaked thoroughly in water, it can be stored for a lasting period of time. After being wet, the paper will stiffen and become hard, making storage a very safe and convenient matter. To use it again, simply dry the paper prior to using.

This product is a great tool to enhance the visual effect of your tricks, and it is a necessity for magicians who are looking to improve on their stage performance.

The texture of this paper is smoother, and it does not break nor become fragmented when it is folded, crumpled, or even torn. When you lit it up with a spark of fire, it gives out a bright flame, and then it goes off in a swift instant, gone in a puff. It does not leave any residuals or ashes after burning.

This prop can be utilised in various tricks, such as turning your flash paper into a rose, transforming your flash paper into bank notes, turning the item into a scarf, or coins, and so on! The possibilities are endless!

Note: The dimensions of the paper is 25*20cm. If you have purchased 2 of the product in the dimension of 25*20cm, but only received one single piece of paper in your package, please double-check if the dimension is now 50*20cm.

(As this item is an easily flammable item, we typically store it wet. Dear customers please remember to dry it before using it.) When drying, we recommend simply keeping it lying flat on top of a cool surface. If dried by placing exposed under the sun, or if paper is crumpled when drying, yellow lines and creases might appear after paper is dried - although that change is merely aesthetic, and does not affect the use of the paper.

We carry the following types of flash paper in our store:

White Flash Paper
The creator of the brightest spark on stage, many amazing tricks and effects await right in this plain little piece of paper. If you are a magic theatrics fanatic, you must try out this piece of high-quality flash paper.

Red / Blue / Green / Yellow Flash Paper
Most flash paper available on the market are plain and white, and that might be too simple looking for some of you. Based on the suggestions of many magicians’ feedback, we have started developing our flash paper in an assorted array of fancy colours. Our flash paper innovation started in 2009, and is our first batch of “Colour Flash paper”. Your performances can now be even more outstanding and bright! We highly recommend using the Red Flash paper in your roses folding trick!

Super Thin Flash Paper
This paper type is thinner than our regular flash paper. Its thickness lies right between the Tissue-Paper-Thin Flash paper and our regular flash paper. However, its price is half of the cost of the Tissue-Paper-Thin Flash paper, and it is very useful for folding roses.

Tissue Paper Thin Flash paper
This paper type is as its name suggest, just the thickness of as a slice of tissue paper. It is extremely thin and soft, and very durable too. It can be folded into any possible shapes, and does not spoil easily. It is often used in professional floating roses tricks, and is one of the most frequently used prop by professional magicians. The flash paper manufactured by our company ignites extremely quickly, with no sound, no smell, no smoke, and is very bright - a great choice for professional magicians!

Serviette/Napkin Flash paper
This product looks just like a paper napkin used during meal times, and can’t be distinguished from a real paper napkin just from its appearance! It is soft and tender, but it is not as strong and robust as the Tissue Paper Thin flash paper, since it is supposed to resemble a napkin after all. It can be torn apart, but it is very foldable, and can be used in specific settings. For instance during close-up tricks, what if you lit a napkin on fire, and then make an object you have kept hidden appear suddenly, what do you think the audience’s reaction might be?

This paper is printed with a rose flower patterns, and is great for rose appearing tricks.

Often used by the pros, this paper ignites a unique blue flame! The blue flame flash paper lightens into a paler shade after it dries, and some green or blue traces can be left on the paper. This is not an issue of the quality of our product, please note.

Gentle Reminder: The flame that ignites when the flash paper is lit is very big, so please experiment with a small piece before engaging with a bigger portion, just to get a feel of its effects first prior to actual use!

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