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Flower Magic

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Magic is lovely. Nothing brightens a room like a good magic trick. From the youngest child to a experienced scientist, nothing inspires the human mind’s curiosity more than a good illusion breaking the laws of physics we hold so dear. Flowers and other plants have a storied history with magic, from a magician producing a bouquet from his sleeve, to the famed legendary mango trick. Here are some great new tricks that could easily become the new centerpiece of your act.

A classic trick is pulling a bouquet of flowers from your sleeve. With a special bouquet of flowers that compresses easily into a thing tight bundle, a magician can hide the bundle somewhere, and then when he pulls it out, it will expand and become the full bouquet, wowing the audience.

Another exciting trick, involves pulling a bouquet of Flowers magic out of a magic hat. There’s two ways to accomplish this trick. You can either use a prop bouquet hidden up your sleeve, like in the last trick and make it look like it came from the hat with some smooth sleight of hand, or you can use a prop hat and table both with matching hidden openings, which will allow you to reach into a hidden compartment in the table when the hat is placed on it.

A more intense trick is known as the birth of flowers. This trick involves four tricks in a row. The magician claims to have magic seeds that grow very quickly. He pops one in his lapel buttonhole, for demonstration, makes a gesture and a flower appears. Then he throws some seeds in a small metal cup he has on a table. He places a metal cylinder about twice the height of the cup on top of the cup and when he lifts it, there is a small bouquet. Third, he borrows a hat from somewhere, and places it over his glass goblet, and when he lifts it, there are no flowers. He realizes he forgot the seeds, tosses them in and then tries again. There’s a bouquet in the goblet. Finally, he pulls several small bouquets out of the hat and tosses them to people in the crowd. This trick involves a lot of similar methods to the ones we learned earlier. The buttonhole trick, works by having a compressed fake flower hidden in the armpit of his jacket, wired through a thread and an elastic to the buttonhole, so if he opens his armpit the flower will fly up to the buttonhole. Then the larger metal cylinder has a second cup that fits neatly over the first one, inside of it, which has a bouquet already planted in it, allowing for a smooth overlap and a nice illusion. Finally, the magician has hidden a few bouquets just below the edge of the table, and while distracting the audience with his disappointment in himself for forgetting the seeds, he can pull a bouquet into the hat. The fourth part involves similarly palming small bouquets hidden behind the table and making them look like they are from the hat. 
There are a number of other flowers tricks, as any magician or gardener worth his salt will tell you. Another nice trick is to put carnations in colored water, they’ll eventually change to be that color!

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