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Magic Chain and Ring Necklace Trick

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TheLady Killer: The Tomorrow Pendant, Knotless Magic Chain and Ring Necklace Trick

The Tomorrow Pendant: Circumference of 2CM
A metallic product, a magic between knots and chains.
This is one of the most charming magical prop, in the form of a necklace. In any romance, surprises are a necessary element. And if you introduce that in the form of a magical experience, this could be a refreshing experience too. The trick is not about huge theatrics, but a small romantic gesture, that reflects your true love!

If you intend to use this as a gift, please purchase the package that comes with a fine gift jewellery box. A fancy box makes it a better gift!

Effect: The performer holds the necklace in one hand, and the ring in the other, making no movements at all. Suddenly, the performer releases the ring, letting it free fall onto the chain, and it automatically knots by itself, forming a necklace. Simple as that, the magician simply has to let go of the ring portion next to the chain as it touches, and the two comes together by itself to form a pendant necklace. 

The ring can be ‘untangled’ in the hands of the magician, but no matter how the audience tries, it does not hook into the necklace. This prop can be handed over to the audience for checking~

A magician ring pendent, not merely a magical trick prop, it can be a special gift and a testament of your love to your beloved. The symbolism behind the necklace and ring pendent is that, two separate entities and persons can become as one. The pendent also looks fashionable as a gift, and embodies the meaning of the gift subtly. It can be worn in all sorts of settings.

This piece of prop was used and popularised in a Hong Kong movie “All About Love”, starring Andy Lau, it was presented by him as a gift in the film towards his wife. Magic Chain and Ring Necklace Trick

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