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Magic Glass Color Chameleon Champagne Ready To Impress Your Gues

by ping jin | post a comment

Magical performance for newer tricks can take a new turn when you turn simple glass of water into something lovable for the men and women sitting before you. This is the real-time trick to impress your audience through your tricks.
Many kinds of magic tricks are on the way to bring success for your magician related career and they go a long way to give you a distinct repute among your competitors. If you are innovative and know how to make a little bit of changes to the given tricks, you can expect to earn a good repute through this act. The Glass Color Chameleon Champagne trick is now ready for your performance. 

The Glass Color Chameleon Champagne is cheap enough to be in your access and you can also place an online order for this trick whenever the need be there. The list price of this product is just $8.50 but the sale price at this website is further decreased to $5.53. 
The good news for performers is that it is now available for limited time at the cheapest rate with further discount. The price is now as low as $3.83 if you buy more than 18 pieces of this product simultaneously. Moreover, you get 11 reward points for having it. These reward points help you in having further discounts when you buy other products from this website.

Please keep in mind that the Glass Color Chameleon Champagne model is G0580 whereas its volumetric mass is 395 Grams. This light weight product is easy to handle and you can easily perform tricks with it whenever you are among audience.
Now the time has come to visit the company website, place an order for having the Glass Color Chameleon Champagne magic product, make an online payment through a secure way and then wait for the shipment to arrive at your premises. No hassle, no waiting and no fear whatsoever!

 The Glass Color Chameleon Champagne product is easy to work with. You simply have to use some gestures or wave a handkerchief to change the colors of champagne. By simply putting fresh water in a glass, the fresh-water in the glass changes to champagne with the sudden movement of your handkerchief. The water changes into red wine, amber color whisky and green apple martini on your handkerchief movements. Later, if you want to turn it again to look like fresh-water, the hand movement can do so again. 

The colors of the Glass Color Chameleon Champagne product literally change like those of a chameleon. The glass diameter is 6 cm whereas its height is 21.7 cm. A handkerchief of the size of 30x30 is also included in the package. 
The Glass Color Chameleon Champagne product is full of prospects for users. Even a novice would easily understand the way of performing this trick. Go for it. The most interesting thing of the matter is that you do not have to use any chemicals to perform this trick. This trick is, thus, going to bring a real good name to your goodwill

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