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Magic in your life

by ping jin | post a comment

It's never too early, or too late, to bring a bit of magic in your life. A simple magic trick can help brighten the day of children and grandparents alike, and anybody can learn how to do it, with a very small investment. If you check a magic shop, you'll be surprised how many items you can find for less than five dollars, items that can then be used to enhance any party, to amuse your guests, or simply to pass time when you have nothing better to do. 

This doesn't mean that you will turn into a professional magician overnight. Of course, that can be done, with a lot of patience, hard work, and maybe even with a bit of luck. But you can become the star of every family gathering a lot quicker, and you can turn those dreaded moments of silence into fun time for everybody. 

The key aspect you have to focus on is your own attitude. Magicians dazzle, confuse, keep their audience captive and focused on non-essential gimmicks while they complete their act. You can, for example, enhance your appearance with a Chinese costume and proclaim your act to be one of authentic China magic – after all, everything about China spells mystery and fascination to the Western world. Entertain your audience with stories about dragons, forgotten dynasties, and mirrors that become transparent when you order them to (these, by the way, were developed in the 2nd century BC, were made of bronze, and puzzled the scientists until the 20th century – perhaps the most famous artifact of China magic today still). This can become your trademark, but keep in mind that any good act is a combination of things the audience already knows and expects of you, and at least one new and unexpected magic trick, that will keep them asking for more. 

Exceed expectations every time by visiting your local magic shop regularly, so that you can always have something new up your sleeve – literally, in this case. Or, of course, you can always purchase from an online shop, or even from a wholesale magic supplier, in order to keep the costs under control – though, by all accounts, this rarely develops into a very expensive hobby, as you can often do incredibly amusing things with items you already have in your own home. 

The ultimate must-have accessory of every magician is a good sense of humor. Don't be embarrassed if things don't go as planned when you first start out, it's normal to run into a few glitches before you develop your skills. Instead, have a few jokes ready and don't hesitate to make fun of yourself and your props, if the trick fails. 

You may think of magicians as old men, with long beards, who pull rabbits out of their hats, but things have come a long way in the recent years. From mentalism to street magic, from simple illusions using a coin to escape acts, there's something for everybody to enjoy, and, most importantly, there's something anybody can perform. You may not know that you have what it takes to become a magician, and you'll never know, until you give it a try. But once you have magic in your life, you'll never want to let it go again.

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