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Magic Props Alchemy

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Wang Hengjie(王恒杰) had engaged in acrobatics for 20 years, till a car accident changed that to his first try in doing business, but failed. Since the small business did not work out, he went back to do acrobatics again, but grasped another opportunity to start business, this time he succeeded. It took him 3 years to become the leading person in the magic equipments industry.

【Forced Transformation】 Acrobat turned to small business man 
Starting a business was a far-fetched thing for Wang Hengjie, who had worked in acrobatics more than 20 years counted to 2003. Born in Kaifeng(开封), Wang made a living by performing acrobatics since his childhood, and being a merchant seems nothing related to him.

However, an unexpected car accient in late 2003 made Wang Hengjie thinking to change his career, for the accident caused him five ribs and lower leg fracture, he could not perform acrobatics. Wang disbanded the circus. To make a living, he opened a magic props and toys store across from the grand Xiangguo Temple(大相国寺), four square meters store became his first experimental place. The store mainly sells magic toys to students, although there were floods of people visiting the Temple, his business was not good. After one year, he handed the store to his family, and went back performing acrobatics abroad with his daughter.

【Second Try】 SMS marketing magic props 
September 2005, Wang Hengjie performed in Malasyia, that trip didn't get him nice income, but he found there were many magic stores there with good business, that gave him inspiration.

Wang went back to business again, with a litte tweaking. Besides the magic toys, he put emphasis on professional magic equipments.

From design to manufacturing to selling, Wang Hengjie was a one man show in the beginning. “I texted messaging the colleagues after finishing the products”said Wang, SMS marketing was his first marketing endeavour in professional magic equipments business.

In additional to the normal magic equipments selling, Wang continued inventing new products, he developed 20 plus categories, 100 plus total new products during two years.

To make sure the products line is complete, Wang formed a corporation, built a factory and hired a dozen workers. Because of the complete varieties of products, large inventory and timely delivery, the business growed.

【The Bright Olympics】 Releasing Burning Torching Out of Empty Hand

June 2007, the Henan University student participant in the China central television magic show, invited Wang Hengjie to invent a magic props that can spray water from the palm, the performer can spray 1.5 meter high water from the palm. Not long ago, Wang also invented a 14 meter tall "giant tree blossom" magic props, that is a tall tree can blossom instanly.

Currently Wang Hengjie is making magic props "burning torch out of empty hand" for a xiangsheng (Chinese cross-talk) artist.“I pop out an Olympics torch from empty hand, and it must be buring.” Wang did not reveal the details, “Everyone can see the burning torches out of empty hands in the Olympics opening”

For just short three years, Wang Hengjie expanded the four meters square store to a company with a dozen workers and a factory. Wang concluded two points: First is the acrobatics career accumulated good list and connections for him; Second is invention, not even graduated from junior high school, Wang loves studying and observing , plus the experience from acrobatics, he could constantly come up with new products to satisfy the market need.

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