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Manipulating with Close up magic

by ping jin | post a comment

Close up magic, as the name suggests is magic that is performed very closely at a distance of not more than ten feet from the audience and is generally performed while sitting down on a chair with a facing table. Hence, it has another name, table magic or micro magic. Majority of the times, a close magic prop is generally a pack of cards or coins. Some of the other props used are spoon, forks, iron chains, rings, dice, sponge balls and much more. In order to perform close up magic, a particular type of manipulation technique called the ‘sleight of hand’ and flourishes are used to manipulate objects secretly by creating an illusion and deceiving the audience. This makes the magic amusing and entertaining to captivate the attention of the audience. The advantage of this magic is that it can be learnt and practiced easily and there are many magicians in the world who perform micro magic on a grandiose level. 


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