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New juice marked cards

by wu yiua | post a comment

After long-time tests, this new product has finally been developed on the basis of the old-style juice cards.

First, let us know the shortcomings of the old-style juice marked cards:
1. can only be used under old-style incandescent lamp.
2. Maybe easily dicovered of the marks with naked eyes.
3. Marks is not clear.

These problems have been solved with the new-generation juice marked cards:
1.marks can be seen clearly under all kinds of light.
2.marks will not be discovered with naked eyes.
3.all kinds of cards can be marked.
4.the most important is there is no need to change the contact lenses. Both of the luminous cards and the new-generation juice marked cards can work with the contact lenses bought from us.
5.Marks can be seen through the filter (provided by us) covering the camera.

From today on, we will send samples with the packages to old customers. If you want to order only the sample, please pay $90 as the freight charge.

A min.10 decks is required to be marked. Price $78 per deck for all paper cards and $120 per deck for all plastic cards.

Important clause:the new ink technology can't be used for some plastic cards,for example the Kem cards.
This is because some plastic cards will easily be deformed under high temperature.

Difference between new juice marks and luminous ink marks:
First,these two ink marks both can be read by contact lens.
Second,normally, red cards look better if marked by juice ink while the blue cards by luminous.

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