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Stage Magic

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Magicmis mainly known in our world as a performance art, primarily made to entertain audiences by either staging different kinds of tricks or fostering illusions out of seemingly impossible and/or supernatural feats using all natural techniques. These feats themselves are referred to as magic tricks, illusions and effects. Magic is also commonly referred to as stage Magic, the type of magic you see preformed on a stage, typically at a venue; often the term differentiates that magic from paranormal or ritual oriented magic.
The people that make magic possible are simply known as magicians or illusionists; in addition, some performers may take names that reflect the actual magic they happen to perform, such as a conjuror,mentalists and even escape artists.

Stage Magicitself is the type of magic that can be performed on a stage,for the purpose of entertaining an audience. This type of magic mainly consists of series of illusions, which are typically effects that magicians use to demonstrate something to an audience. In actuality, the magician is performing in another way, formulating what the audience sees as an optical illusion.

The world of stage magic consists of several different tricks you might have seen many of these tricks performed at some point in your life.As an example, the most common form of stage magic is perhaps the old sawing a woman in half trick, one that plays on optical illusions to fool the audience into seeing the contrary. Escape tricks are another notable stage magic trick, and they're pretty self explanatory the magician places themselves within a restraining device and a trap in order to escape before time runs out.
Some of the other notable magic tricks include making objects, animals and people appear out of nothing, making things levitate, and even combining all of these elements to form an inherently complex trick.

Many stage magic and illusion oriented shows are prepared and performed in front of large-scale audiences, generally within venues such as a theater or even an auditorium. A lot of large-scale Stage Magic shows are noted for their use of larger than life props, assistants for the resident magician and/or illusionist and exotic animals like the ever popular tigers and elephants. Although stage magic seems stage oriented by name, many stage magic shows have been broadcast on television, however that magic is generally considered television magic.

Although some might not assume it, stage magic is very much alive as a form of entertainment for both casual and avid magic enthusiasts .

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