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Paper marked cards playing cards (BLUE/RED) send us

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The marks can be seen by contact lenses or our Luminous Reader Glasses currently available on the market. They use the most advanced luminous-reader technology available to date For the following products,we can supply from the stock。We suggest that you consult us for the quantity before placing the order.

And you should mail the cards to us so that we can process them for you. For decks of special design, you can send the cards to us and we print the mark for you. the time is between 3 days.Printing with cards provided by customer requires a minumum of 10 decks (same kinds, same color). The machine cannot print if less than 10 decks.

The cards to be processed should be sent to the following address: contact please.
(please remember fill declared value no more than $50, Please send it to us by UPS or DHL)

Why does an order of cards need to be at least 10 decks?
Because we have to clean the print machine each time for processing different brands of cards, and we have to re-test the ink with a computer which takes 6-8 hours. The process is quite complex and troublesome. So the more the quantity, the less the cost and we can also give you more discount.

most marked cards purchased, the cheaper it is

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