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Poker Analysis Device - Omaha  Poker - 4 cardsPoker Analysis Device - Omaha Poker - 4 cards
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Poker Analysis Device - Omaha  Poker - 4 cards Poker Analysis Device - Omaha  Poker - 4 cards Poker Analysis Device - Omaha  Poker - 4 cards Poker Analysis Device - Omaha  Poker - 4 cards

Poker Analysis Device - Omaha Poker - 4 cards

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Poker Analysis Device is a set of analyzer which looks like a mobile phone in appearance, one for surveying infrared ray, one for receiving information. Without the limitation of occasions, lights. To set the biggest poker for your partner or yourself before turning on, esay operation and learning. It only needs 0.3 seconds to analyze the points and suits of every players currately. To make a decision of continues or giving up in time and indentify automatically. The analyzing system can set many playing ways to deal the biggest poker for you or your partner, and also the door of death or alive.

Support for all poker games: Blackjack,Mau Mau,Omaha Poker,Bull,Texas Hold'em poker cheats......

Each player with four down cards ,and then 3 community cards,player raise, one more community card,up to five cards,and then each player take up two cards together with the five community cards

Used for:
Private poker gambling;
Party gambling;
Private casino;
Poker match;
Magic show.

Working procedures:
1. put the earpiece in your ear, and set up the suitable position of receiver
2. set up the number of players in 6th Single Operation Poke Automatic Analyzer, and then put it in pocket
3. put the hidden lens on mobile in suitable direction and then aim at. If so, the analyzer will report the points and flowers of all the players through the wireless earpiece when it finishes analyzing

1. suppots all the poker playing gamesTexas Hold'em poker cheats. , Omaha Poker, Blackjack, Mau Mau etc.
2. to report the point and suits automatically.
3. mobile phone type, visualization operation, easy to carry, set up the number of players easily.
4. charging through the mobile battery, more convenience for use. Don't worry about power off in games if you bring more battery in hand.

A. no need to put the poker in neatness or focus, direction
B. a group with many kinds of program, suitable for all the poker games
C. single operation, no need the cooperation of background
D. reporting voice automatically, fast speed
E. small size, strong invisibility, easy to carry
F. without the limitation of occasions and distance.

Customers who purchase this device can get 10 decks of marked cards for free.
If you need more decks the price is $70 per deck.

The device is workable by only one person, that means no partner and laptop is needed, and no distance limits.
The device simply contains a mobile phone, an earpiece, and analyzer. See the picture.
Through the earphone it can tell you who will get the biggest hand and the second biggest hand , so you can judge the game in the first place.
You can set number of players with the player setting panel.
No need control button.
Marks are much more invisible, one can hardly find the hidden marks.
Standard English Pronunciation
It is very easy to operate, 100% correct .
Only 3 minutes learning you can skillfully use it.

The cards you use on this device are marked cards.The marks can never be detected by any inspection(we can mark any kind of cards).

There are over 10 phone brands at your choice at present,all can make phone calls.
There are lighter , watch and sleeve camera as well.

The distance from the scan phone to the cards depends on the difference of cameras.
Distance ranges:10 inches (25 cm )to 28 inches (70 cm).

marked cards
contact lenses marked
poker analyzer

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