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Shocking PenShocking Pen
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Shocking Pen Shocking Pen Shocking Pen Shocking Pen Shocking Pen Shocking Pen Shocking Pen Shocking Pen Shocking Pen

Shocking Pen

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Ask your friends to help you out with writing something down, as you have forgotten how to spell a word. As your friend grips the pen, he will naturally reach for the tip with his thumb to push down the pen.. And boom! He will be shocked, literally! Think of that expression on his face! Of course, the voltage to this pen is very low, and will not cause any damage to our body.

The pen can be used as a normal pen in other circumstances. If you detest people meddling with your desk and items, great; because this electric shock pen works normally for you, but sends a shock up anyone else who uses it.

This item looks like a normal pen, and can be used as one. If you need to change and refill the ink, simply twist open the pen via the mid-section and insert a refill.

  1. This item has a safe voltage level, and does not cause harm to the human body in most circumstances. However, please do not use it on anyone with anxiety and phobia issues, as the adverse psychological impact might cause harm. Please use with care. 
  2. When used in surprise scenarios, the person getting shocked might throw the item onto the ground as a first reaction, please use with care.

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