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Smart Ass Smart Ass Smart Ass Smart Ass

Smart Ass

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The deck of cards that comes with this trick is of the Bicycle Brand.

The magician will invite a member of the audience to sit down on card that is faced down, so no one would be allowed to see it. And then, he invites the rest of the audience to cut a deck of cards. Each time the deck is split into two halves, he will detect with his butt, which half contains the same card which the other audience is sitting on, he will then discard the half that does not contain the card. The deck is cut repeatedly, over and over, until there are about 5 to 6 cards left.  He will invite the audience to feel which the originally chosen card is - with his butt. And finally, the card that the audience will pick… is the identical card to the one that was sat on. This is what we call a Smart Ass trick!

Prop Features:

  1. The entire deck can be shown to the audience that each card is different, and there are no repeated cards.
  2. No forced card pick, this is truly up to the audience’s choice!
  3. You can ask the audience to verify and check the deck in their own hands.
  4. High interaction guaranteed. This is suitable for gatherings, bar performances, stage acts and so on. This is not only magical, but truly an hilarious trick for the audience! A huge winner with ladies in your audience!

Smart Ass

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