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The Laser by Eitan Klerer - FISM 2012The Laser by Eitan Klerer - FISM 2012
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The Laser by Eitan Klerer - FISM 2012 The Laser by Eitan Klerer - FISM 2012 The Laser by Eitan Klerer - FISM 2012

The Laser by Eitan Klerer - FISM 2012

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A Futuristic effect for Fism 2012

It's incredible what you can do with "THE LASER By Eitan Klerer".
This effect is hypnotizing, breathtaking and beyond the limits of futuristic magic!

This product is one of the many effects that Eitan Kellerer created in the  the world of magic. A few of them are: "The Code" and  "Shocking". Until now "The Laser" effect, was performed by a few magicians and jugglers, one of them by "The LASER MAN" in Israel, with a spectacular laser show.
Due to the great demand for this effect, we decided to start selling it to the public.

Out from now where,you rip a laser beam coming out of your fist from both sides. You hold it up and spin it in all directions, like a futuristic Matrix-style. Sounds cool? But wait! You can move or transfer the laser beam in slow or fast motion just like a solid stick. Seems impossible? Its real!
You can also break the laser beam to a 90 or 45 degree angle or any angle you wish. You can pass the beam through your  stomach or hang your shirt on the beam. The possibilities are endless.  Watch the video "Ludhiana" for other ideas. The Laser beam can clearly be seen throughout the entire length on both sides, also from a distance, for large stage audiences. This is an incredible effect!

Green laser beam of intense bilateral 150mw
THE LASER - Built from one solid piece, only 7.5cm in length! It can fit easily in your fist.
Comes with rechargeable batteries, no need to replace batteries. 
Each full charge provides 20 minutes of showtime ! Can be charged up to 1000 times.
Comes with 110/220v charger.

Additional data:
Laser beam power 150MW two green parties.
Specific wavelength 532NM.
3.6 V lithium battery 300ma.
High-level optics.

Do not point the beam at eyes, cars, planes,animals  etc ...
Any use of the device is at your own risk!
We are not responsible for any damage caused by improper use of the device!

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