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The Predictable CardThe Predictable Card
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The Predictable Card

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low your spectators away with another Bicycle Rider Back design deck of marked playing cards. These masterfully created cards impact your spectator with subtle magic at its best. The predictable Card is powerful close-up magic that needs no set-ups, sleights, force, or contact!

This deck is perfect for the following settings: restaurants, at work, on the street, at birthday parties, in tradeshows, or simply with good friends, the predictable Card will adapt to your setting! Perform with this Bicycle Rider Back design deck and you will leave a lasting impression on your spectator for a long time to come.

The packaging is identical with a regular unmarked deck of Bicycle Rider Back cards. The marked cards are noticeable from either end to help you easily identify its suit and value. A clear reference chart inside aids you in learning the order of the markings. Available only in red, this deck is a magical must for every aspiring and professional magician.

The Effect: The spectator shuffles a deck of cards. The performer asks the spectator to spread the cards and then point to any card. After selecting a card, it is placed on top of the cards. The spectator removes the card for safekeeping and returns the other cards. The performer places their hand over the cards and makes a verbal prediction. After the performer predicts the card, the spectator shows their card magically revealing the predicted card!

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