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Ultra GumUltra Gum
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Ultra Gum Ultra Gum Ultra Gum Ultra Gum

Ultra Gum

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From Richard Sanders, creator of Extreme Burn 2.0, Ultra Gum is money magic that creates an impossible transposition between a borrowed bill and a sealed pack of gum. Ultra Gum is a mini miracle that you carry in your pocket and is close up magic that can be performed anytime anywhere.

Ultra Gum Can Be Performed With No Sleight Of Hand
The following routine requires no sleight of hand and uses a borrowed dollar bill.
You slowly tear a corner from a borrowed bill. The corner is rubbed between your fingertips where it vanishes. You are clean, No pulls, No TT's, No ditching.
Your friend or spectator opens a package of gum that has been sitting on the table throughout (It can even be in their hands).
Inside one of the see thru bubbles in the package of gum, is the corner of a bill.
There are no breaks or tears in the plastic or the foil.
The only way to get at the bill is to break open the foil seal, which your friend or spectator does himself to discover the missing corner from the bill he loaned to you just seconds ago.
This amazing concept allows you to do transpositions, vanishes, appearances and more.

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