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Vanishing Cane (Black) MetalVanishing Cane (Black) Metal
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Vanishing Cane (Black) Metal Vanishing Cane (Black) Metal Vanishing Cane (Black) Metal Vanishing Cane (Black) Metal

Vanishing Cane (Black) Metal

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Vanishing Cane , high quality and production process, have a silver, making sticks on the stage more shiny, more realistic.cane more than 1 meter long, cane the thickness suitable, you can put flowers or silk scarf. is a must-have items of tricks.

Effects :
Magician in stage Shang, magic bar into has he best of Assistant, is most has magic of symbol property, this company describes a include shrink bar of process: magician came to out a silk towel, a threw out root stick, then in from own of box in then took a silk towel wipe Xia just silk towel variable of stick, magic bar and in moments became has a section silk towel, in this process in the, as far as possible can with stick to hit breaking glass cup, proved stick is really of steel stick.

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