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Aparecen cubiertas - magia de JokerAparecen cubiertas - magia de Joker
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Aparecen cubiertas - magia de Joker Aparecen cubiertas - magia de Joker Aparecen cubiertas - magia de Joker Aparecen cubiertas - magia de Joker

Aparecen cubiertas - magia de Joker

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The magician presents a wallet and takes three cards with red blacks out of it, two black cards and a red one. 
He asks a spectator to draw out the red card. The card he has drawn out changes into a black one in the hand of the spectator. 
The magician now tells the spectator that the red card has "jumped" back into his wallet, which has been lying on the table right in the eyes of the whole audience. He opens the wallet and takes a blue deck of cards out of it! A complete 
deck of cards out of that thin wallet?! YES!!! 
But the card that is being wanted is a red one this is a blue deck! The magician takes another deck of cards out of the wallet at once! But this is another blue one! A snap and a third deck of cards appears out of the wallet, this time a red one and the magician immediately takes the wanted red card out of it. 

The trick is PERFECTLY AUTOMATIC. It is a highly effective trick where a deck of plastic covered Bicycle cards is applied at a high technical standard. In the set you will find: 
a wallet, three cards, THREE decks of cards to appear.

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