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Egyértelmű lufi (100db)Egyértelmű lufi (100dB)
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Egyértelmű lufi (100db) Egyértelmű lufi (100db) Egyértelmű lufi (100db) Egyértelmű lufi (100db) Egyértelmű lufi (100db)

Egyértelmű lufi (100dB)

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  • Model: G1262
  • Térfogat: 235 g
  • 156 in Stock
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Let us explain why this product is of the highest quality.

The picture below is an actual photo with the coin already in the balloon, during a coin through balloon trick; and it got through without any flaws or breakage of the bag. The balloon’s body and texture is very tenacious, strong and flexible, it is not a balloon that breaks and bursts once you pull it with a little bit of strength.
Cellphone into Balloon , Coin into balloon etc... 100PCS in bag

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