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Смарт-Ass (велосипед)Смарт-Ass (велосипеда)
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Смарт-Ass (велосипед) Смарт-Ass (велосипед)

Смарт-Ass (велосипеда)

Прайс-лист: $15,00
Продаж: $6,75
As low as: $5.25

Нарахування балів14

Кість знижки від ціни
  • Model: G0953
  • Об'ємні: 130 грамів
  • 256 на складі
  • Судноплавство: Розраховані на касі

Покласти в корзину:

You place a jumbo card face down on a chair without revealing it's identity.

A participant is invited to sit down on the mystery card and is shown a deck of shuffled playing cards. You explain that they will use their subconscious to deduce the identity of the jumbo card they are sitting on. The spectator cuts the deck into two piles and places them in either hand. They are asked to toss one half away and keep the other. After they do this they cut the remaining cards into two piles, holding one in each hand and they once again toss one pile away and keep the other. Down to the last few cards, the participant chooses one card, having the opportunity to change their mind several times. They make a final selection. With their final choice in hand the spectator stands and picks up the jumbo card, to find it matches their selection EXACTLY!

SMART ASS Considerations:
Perform SMART ASS close-up and surrounded.
Perform SMART ASS for large audiences.
SMART ASS packs small and plays big.
SMART ASS happens in their hands.
SMART ASS takes seconds to reset.
Perform SMART ASS naked (if you need to).
SMART ASS can be suitable for all ages.
SMART ASS uses no equivoque or magician's choice.
SMART ASS uses no switch of the jumbo card, deck or final selection.
SMART ASS uses any borrowed chair.

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