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Cane to Flower (Huge)Cane to Flower (Huge)
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Cane to Flower (Huge) Cane to Flower (Huge) Cane to Flower (Huge) Cane to Flower (Huge) Cane to Flower (Huge) Cane to Flower (Huge) Cane to Flower (Huge) Cane to Flower (Huge) Cane to Flower (Huge)

Cane to Flower (Huge)

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A classic magical prop that you do not need hours of practice to master. 

This is a magic flower appearing prop, perfect choice for performing to cute girls.

The magician holds a boring long stick, and as he points to one end of a flower vase, a flower instantly appears. This trick is especially suitable for stage performances during prom nights and formal dinners. And it is extremely simply for beginner magicians to master, with great effect too! The logic behind this prop is so simple and straightforward; the performance can be freestyle and design according to the magician.

The flower is crafted carefully with feathers, its quality is assured. The prop is designed intricately; the flower appearing trick will go so smoothly.

Magic Flower Appearing Stick (Big)
The vase is made of metal wires, and looks like a perfect vintage style. The stick is made of plastic. The flower is made of all features, making it colorful and bright. There are various styles and colors for our flowers, and we shall pick them at random when shipping.

Magic Stick: 45.5cm long
Flower Vase: 18cm in height, 11.7 in diameter.
Flower: 35.5cm in height, 25cm in diameter when opened

Cane to Flower magic

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