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Lethal Tender magicLethal Tender magic
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Lethal Tender magic Lethal Tender magic Lethal Tender magic

Lethal Tender magic

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Lethal Tender magic  Ultimate Coin Exchange
  Lethal Tender One of the best. Simple to do, very visual, and a real shocker. A brilliant Chinese coin, a half dollar, a playing card and a black wallet are shown. Take the half dollar form the wallet and place it on the back of a spectator's hand. The Chinese coin is inside the wallet. Cover the half dollar for only a second with the playing card. The Chinese coin is now on the back of the spectator'ss hand and the half dollar is in the wallet! No skill required, as the coins do all the work. Supplied complete with high-quality gaffed coin, deluxe Chinese coin and Bicycle-backed card..

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