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Хартия пълни водаХартия пълни вода
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Хартия пълни вода Хартия пълни вода Хартия пълни вода Хартия пълни вода Хартия пълни вода Хартия пълни вода

Хартия пълни вода

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Trick Sample Scenarios:

1. You often see a suave and cool magician sipping red wine while reading the newspaper. Then suddenly he pours the red wine into the newspapers, and yet he can continue flipping the papers, it is not even a tinge wet, and the wine being poured in it has all disappeared. After a while, the pours the water from the papers back into the glass… 

2. The magician pours a cup of water into a the most ordinary looking newspaper, and the newspaper miraculously ‘drinks’ up all the liquid when you unfold and fold it. Of course when you wish, the water can still be poured out from the newspapers.

This shocking trick could work during close-up magic routines, and also for larger stage performances. This prop can be used repeatedly.

Water poured into the newspaper saw the inside, the water was gone the other way round, but then turn around and pour in the water inside the newspaper.
The magic is very good!

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