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Super nail duševníSuper nail duševní
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Super nail duševní Super nail duševní Super nail duševní

Super nail duševní

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16,00 dolarů
  • Model: G1248
  • Objemové: 48 g
  • 862 skladem
  • Poštovné: Vypočtena na pokladně

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A Nail Visiually Bend itself inside spectator hand !!

The performer takes out a bent, 9.8cm long nail from his pocket. Holding the nail between his fingers, he tries to concentrates on it. Seem that he is doing something with his mind power on the nail. Suddenly and unexpectedly the nail slowly Bend itself. It can be even handed out for examination.
This is a new hi tech products, no secret installations and performed, illusion can even happen inside audience's hands, at close distance and completely surrounded. Even fully examable immediately after it was bent. Just a little preparation before you perform, easy to do, no sleights of hand.

Nail is approximately to 9.8cm long.
Can be examinated
Hi-tech controlled by body temperature.

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