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Kortet boks forsvinde Kortet boks forsvinde Kortet boks forsvinde Kortet boks forsvinde

Kortet boks forsvinde

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  • Model: G0524
  • Volumetric: 99 Grams
  • 12755 in Stock
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With this gimmick card box, you can create your own card routine! It is a great prop for ending tricks of your card routine!!  Here is one of the effects you can do:
Card Box Vanish - Whole Deck Disappears

The magician shows two decks of cards. One Deck (Red Deck) is in a black box (as shown in pictures above).

The magician takes one card out of the red deck as a prediction card. He then puts back the red deck into the black box in full view of the audience. The box is then placed under the prediction card.

The audience is asked to select a card from the other deck (Blue Deck). The blue card selected by your audience is the same the prediction card!

This is not over yet! The magician turns over the black box, the whole red deck have disappeared!! Completely Self Working . Can be used as many times as you want! Comes with one special gimmick box and a case, no cards are included. We recommend you to put at least one red bicycle card(your own card) into the box.

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