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Nuga läbi käeNuga läbi käe
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Nuga läbi käe Nuga läbi käe Nuga läbi käe Nuga läbi käe Nuga läbi käe Nuga läbi käe Nuga läbi käe

Nuga läbi käe

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  • Model: G1386
  • Mahulise: 470 g
  • 50 laos
  • Laevandus: Arvutatud kassas

Lisa ostukorvi:

The magician takes out a shiny steel knife to show his audience. Then, he slashes his own arm with the knife very swiftly. As the audience screams and gasp in shock, the steel knife is plunged into half of the audience’s arm, and blood begins trickling down his arm slowly.

When the audience is still in shock, the magician as rapidly removes the knife from his arm; his arm is unharmed and fully healed. This trick can be used for stage and street close-up performances, and its effect is always well-received.

Important note: This trick should be use only during magical performances, and not for other ill-intentioned purposes. This is just a prop for performances! Non-magician performers please think before purchasing!

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