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UFO kelluva MagicUFO kelluva Magic
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UFO kelluva Magic UFO kelluva Magic UFO kelluva Magic UFO kelluva Magic UFO kelluva Magic UFO kelluva Magic

UFO kelluva Magic

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  • Model: G1117
  • Volumetric: 412 Grams
  • 918 in Stock
  • Merenkulku: Lasketaan kassalle

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Mystery UFO Floating Flying Saucer Toy Nice Magic Trick

Mystify your friends as your UFO hovers and floats all around you! Only you will know how it works! This amazing effect sets up less than 15 seconds! Throw it like a flying disc, spin it like a top, and make it hover and float! No one will ever guess its an illusion! No batteries or remote control needed. It is completely silent! Detailed instructions inside.
How does it fly? Is it science or magic? What is the mechanism behind it? Behold the mystery flying saucer phenomena! Amaze your friends with this mysterious floating UFO that you seem to control with or without your hands. It is baffling, mesmerizing and fun. You just have to buy one to know the secret behind it :)

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