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रंग कलम भविष्यवाणी चमड़े पेन धारकरंग कलम भविष्यवाणी चमड़े पेन धारक
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रंग कलम भविष्यवाणी चमड़े पेन धारक रंग कलम भविष्यवाणी चमड़े पेन धारक रंग कलम भविष्यवाणी चमड़े पेन धारक रंग कलम भविष्यवाणी चमड़े पेन धारक

रंग कलम भविष्यवाणी चमड़े पेन धारक

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  • मॉडल: G1522
  • Volumetric: 640 Grams
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कार्ट में डालें:

The color pen prediction is a pencil holder that is divided into 5 compartments. The magician puts 5 color pens in the holder. The volunteer is told to pick one of the pens and put it into his shirt pocket. He is then instructed to pick another pen and put it in his front pants pocket. A third pen is held in his hand. A fourth pen is left in the holder. The fifth pen is put down on the floor or similar. And the last pen is put in his back pocket.The magician then predicts which color pen is in each place and which is left in the holder.

This could be done with several volunteers each picking one pen.

The volunteer could also be asked to draw a symbol with each pen such as square, circle, star or fill color in a prepared picture (as the demo video on our website) or similar. With his back turned, the magician could duplicate each symbol and color.

Difference from previous versions:

  1. The available signal distance is 2 times longer than before which is 30-60 meters.
  2. 5 different colors pens which will make greater effect.
  3. Pens is easier to be inserted into the gimmick holes. It will avoid the accident when the volunteer puts the selected pen back.

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